Life on the Monkey Bars

One of the funniest Jerry Seinfeld jokes I ever heard him tell (as if he and I hung out together) was actually about Al-Qaeda. Seinfeld said that this terrorist organization must think the strategy to defeat the West would come down to an epic battle on the monkey bars. Every Al-Qaeda video seems to show them training in the desert on the monkey bars.

The monkey bars were not my favorite piece of playground equipment (that is reserved for the rusty merry-go-round), but they do hold a great life lesson for us. I realized this by reading something said by CS Lewis. Lewis said, “Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing the monkey bars. You have to let go to move forward.”

I deal with people all the time that are hurting in life and often because they won’t let go of the past. One of the sessions I deal with when I speak in corporations is the issue of forgiveness. If an employee won’t unpack the baggage of the past, not only will they be limited in their ability to move forward in life, but they will make everyone they are around miserable.

These comments are in no way intended to belittle the depth of the hurt a person may have experienced. However, unless a person seeks to heal and move forward, they will continue to be victimized by the hurt in their past. Whether it’s abuse, a divorce, an unjust firing, or a crime, life is filled with hurts that can cause us to falter and fail.

Though very difficult, sometimes we have to simply acknowledge the hurt, and to quote a somewhat famous Disney movie, let it go. Until we let some things in the past go, we will never move forward. The task of letting go is never easy, but health and healing don’t come without effort. What greater effort should be put forth in a person’s life than to be healthy so they might be helpful to others.

Have you been hurt in life? The grass is flat in front of you. Don’t let yesterday destroy today and ruin all your tomorrows.

Do you need to let go of that monkey bar?

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