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New Book Launch

Presidential Leadership explores the common leadership actions in the lives of 21 American Presidents during their years both in and out of office. By pairing the Presidents, Dr. Brent Taylor uncovers the commonality--and sometimes disparity--between the Commanders in Chief and illustrates how this applies to current leadership challenges.
From Lincoln and Nixon, to JFK and Obama, from Trump and Jackson, to Bush and Truman, each chapter extends an invitation into the Oval Office of two unique administrations.

Each message is designed to supply practical tools and timeless principles for all leadership styles.


Order your copy of Presidential Leadership today!

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Dr. Brent Taylor is a pastor, international speaker, author, professor, and spiritual health coach. His primary intention is to help people find their purpose in life. He loves to share stories about life change and how a person can navigate the sometimes difficult waters we call "life."

Dr. Taylor has been married over 20 years to his wife, Allison, and they have three children and a Goldendoodle named Lincoln. The Taylor family lives in the Dallas area.

Dr. Taylor loves history (including teaching in a university setting), fishing, and Krispy Kreme donuts.


Everyone could use a little encouragement and motivation in life. In this fast-paced, stressful world, employees and clients are searching for real purpose in the busyness of life. Dr. Brent Taylor is here to help.

Dr. Taylor has spoken to businesses, schools, universities, and churches helping people find their purpose in life. His approach is to focus on the internal, some say spiritual, side of life. Using humor and creative stories, Dr. Taylor will encourage your employees and clients no matter their age, gender, or religious background. Your employees will be inspired and your organization will reap the rewards.

Some of the wide-range of topics Dr. Taylor speaks on include:

Having a Vision for Your Life and Organization
Every person needs a vision for their life and for the organization for which they work. The problem is, most people do not know how to formulate and follow a vision. In this talk, Dr. Taylor helps to spell out why visions are important in life and how to develop your vision for your life and your career.

Knowing Who You Are Determines How You Lead
In this talk, Dr. Taylor shares the story of Benjamin Franklin and his power of understanding not only himself but other people as well. Listeners will discover how they can better identify who they are and their best pathway to leadership.

The Dark Side of Leadership
We often hear of the successes in life and business, but rarely learn from those who failed. Benedict Arnold has gone down as one of the greatest traitors in American history, yet few people know how important he was to the Patriot cause during the Revolution. In one of Dr. Taylor’s most popular speeches, listeners will learn the story of Benedict Arnold, but more importantly, will learn how to avoid the traps that cause leaders to crumble.

The Leadership Catalyst
Though rarely discussed, nothing impacts the influence of a leader like character. Dr. Taylor explores the character of our nation’s first President and shares ways to enhance your personal character to bring greater opportunity for success in business, society, and at home.

Life Lessons from Krispy Kreme Donuts
Did you ever think you could learn about life from a donut? In this very popular talk, Dr. Taylor shares the journey of a Krispy Kreme donut and compares how stressful experiences in life can not only benefit us but also bring about good. In this highly stressed culture, many people have found encouragement from a little donut.

Making Change Your Friend
Everybody likes change until it happens. Change in life is natural and change in an organization is often vital to survival. In this talk, Dr. Taylor helps people navigate change and understand how a culture of change is not something that should be feared, but should be embraced.

Life on the Monkey Bars
As a child, did you ever play on the monkey bars? There is an important life principle found on those monkey bars of your childhood. You have to let go of the bar behind you to move forward. Dr. Taylor compares the childhood playground to life today and the importance of being able to let go of your past to move ahead to your future.

Common Sense Leadership
Voltaire said, “Common sense is not that common.” This maxim is certainly true in leadership. Using one of the greatest selling pieces of American literature, Common Sense, Dr. Taylor challenges leaders to take a common sense approach to leadership by reminding some valuable lessons that make a huge difference in an organization.

Dr. Taylor will also customize a speech for pressing topics in your organization.



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